Technology plays a big part in our ability to meet performance standards and deliver our promises. Castletech invest regularly in ensuring that our systems are able to handle the ever increasing demands of communication, data information sharing and design.

Our VOIP telephone system integrates with our intranet and database system allowing our team to access and log important information instantly. It also offers a facility to set up fast on site communication networks, eliminating the need for installing time consuming temporary lines. All of our site personnel are issued with iPhones to provide instant access to email and instructions.

Our Drawing Office run Autocad 2014 to offer levels of design detailing which surpass most requirements, offering construction and joinery details, structural and construction profiles and mechanical and electrical design and interface. We can also provide walk throughs and schematics if required.

Castletech’s IT systems are more than capable of handling and processing the largest files and our skilled operatives are familiar with working with most modern Document Management Systems.